Small and Medium Business Development Center

The Small and Medium Business Development Center is a training and consulting center organized to support women's entrepreneurship, business development and access to EU markets, as well as to inspire the exchange of best practices in women's leadership in the corporate sector. The purpose of the Center is to support women entrepreneurs, provide them with tools for increasing their business efficiency, for scaling and entering markets of the European Union.

The Center has trained 165 women entrepreneurs in Business Development Training Programs, "Business in the EU", "Business in Turbulent Times", 270 women have received individual consultations on strategic planning, operational management, team management, marketing and financial management. 

To support women-run companies, the Small and Medium Business Development Center implemented the “Injection for Business Recovery” Subgrant Program in 2020. 



«I participated in the training program in 2019, and I still remember the trainers, participants, and courses as if it was yesterday. The speakers helped me to organize the information, understand where and how I can use it. I gained new knowledge on financial issues, marketing, promotion and working on the Internet. I continue to communicate with some girls from our group; some of them became my clients. During my training my business was still operating in the Donetsk region. Of course, there were thoughts of moving it to Kharkiv, but the big city scared me. Other women who took part in the program encouraged me to get rid of the fear that I will not be accepted by the new environment. Communicating with fellow participants, I realized that people that surround me are energetic, life-loving dreamers like me. Some time ago they also started their businesses and continue to work quite successfully. If it worked out well for them then it will work for me too!»
Natalia Rak, owner of TM Prianville and KavaVille coffee shop

The Small and Medium Business Development Center worked within the Project "Center for Gender Culture as a Platform for Empowerment of Women and Youth" with the financial support of the European Union in partnership with the Center for Gender Culture and NGO "Agency for Change "Perspective".