Teaching social entrepreneurship at the university

Teaching social entrepreneurship at the university is an important component of the development of business culture and the formation of a community of socially responsible companies. 

The course on social entrepreneurship, which takes into account foreign academic and practical experience, was jointly developed by French and Ukrainian organizations. They proposed a business model of interaction of social entrepreneurs with the university ecosystem and business on the basis of priority goals of sustainable development, such as the development of entrepreneurial skills and abilities both within the frameworks of higher education and with its help.

The partners train teachers and students of the university, form a network of experts, mentors and investors ready to support social enterprises, and prepare for the launch of the University Social Hub.

Research and educational project FESU "Formation à Entreprenariat social à l'Université" (Education of social entrepreneurship at the university) in 2020-2021 is implemented by Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics in partnership with Université de Lorraine (France), Greta du Velay (France), NGO "Actual Woman", Gwara Media and Kharkiv IT Cluster with the support of the Association of French-speaking Universities.


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