Educational House: raising money for the first year!

Project "Educational House: raising money for the first year!" was implemented in Kharkiv in 2021 in partnership with the Educational Center for Teachers, Parents and Children "Me and My School" with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

The project was aimed to contribute to economic and cultural development of the city, region and country as a whole through improving teaching of the Ukrainian language, the development of entrepreneurship and prevention of burnout among teachers and parents, the realization of career and personal goals of modern children, their development as full-fledged participants in the labor market and the society.

The biggest achievement of the project was the formation of stable groups of participants that organized an open Ukrainian language conversation club and an open group on prevention of burnout, who took part in meetings during 4 months of the project. The participants represent various professions, from engineers to marketers, which shows that there is a demand for such activities and it was met. We are also proud that well-known TV channels and pedagogical periodicals, including Channel 5 and the New Ukrainian School platform, wrote and filmed stories about these groups.