Business and LGBT +: stronger together

The project "Business and LGBT +: stronger together" was implemented in Kharkiv in 2020 in partnership with the NGO "Sphere" with the support of the EVZ Foundation.

The project has resulted in creating a network of businesses ensuring respect for human rights and implementing measures to support vulnerable groups, namely: women, people with children, people with hearing or vision impairment, people in wheelchairs, representatives of the LGBT community. 

A series of recommendations have been developed for companies on what simple steps they can take to ensure a friendly atmosphere at work and in communication with clients.


Рекомендації для бізнесу | Жінки

Рекомендації для бізнесу | ЛГБТ+ Люди

Рекомендації для бізнесу | Люди з дітьми

Рекомендації для бізнесу | Люди з порушенням зору

Рекомендації для бізнесу | Люди з порушеннями слуху

Рекомендації для бізнесу | Люди в кріслах колесних


The documentary film "Vulnerability" is a story about why it is important to defend your rights and how people with disabilities and representatives of the LGBT + community each day oppose discrimination at workplace and in communication with others. The film shows success stories and inspires changes. Representatives of vulnerable groups living in Eastern Ukraine took part in the filming process. The film was created in collaboration with Luke and Kateryna Pereverzeva. 



"5 stories about business" is a documentary video in which business owners Kateryna Burovova (Utopia 8 intelligent store chain), Tetiana Havrysh (ILF law firm), Tetiana Kamienieva (restaurant "Snih na golovu"), Dmytro Chornyi and Kristina Synhayevska (Malibu International Network of Fitness Clubs) talk about their understanding of friendly business and their motivation to support various vulnerable groups. 



Documentary video "Stronger together: 5 stories about communication" shows Max Burtsev (Arriba!), Yevheniia Semenyak (Tvoy Production), Dmytro Audu (Myroom.Safespace), Yevhen Streltsov (Nakipelo) and Olga Shapoval (IT-Cluster) who tell about the correct and friendly communication with the team and clients, social responsibility and modern business trends.