Participation in Marches

The Women's Solidarity March is an annual march dedicated to the International Women's Day, which takes place in Kharkiv as part of the Women's Solidarity Weeks. NGO "Actual Woman" is traditionally a participant in the March, along with other women's human rights organizations, citizens who support the equality of rights and freedoms of all people. In 2021, the March was held for the sixth time and was held in support of women who found themselves at the forefront of the pandemic.


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Kharkiv Pride is a march in defense of the rights and visibility of the LGBT community in the city, which has a great resonance. The first March took place in 2019, it gathered about 3,000 participants and started an important discussion with the city and citizens. In 2020, the March was held in the format of an automobile rally due to quarantine restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. NGO "Actual Woman" is a partner of the Kharkiv Pride Week and Pride March, co-organizer and participant in public events in support of the LGBT community.


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